Wildlife photographer Richard Costin

Richard Costin is a UK based wildlife photographer with a passion for the natural world and a drive to share his encounters through photography.

richard costin wildlife photography workshops

Richard spends his time each year out in the wild both at home in the UK as well as travelling extensively around the world in search of great wildlife experiences as well as touring his talks and galleries to many aspiring photographers.

Known for his use of light as well as as capturing unique views of animals big and small, he is a regular contributor to magazines, web sites and publications the world over; Gaining repeated success in some of the most prestigious awards in the genre with numerous TV appearances.

the nikon 80-400 lens being used by wildlife photographer Richard Costin

Having worked as an animator at highly regarded visual effects studios such as The Mill, Glassworks, Jellyfish Pictures and most recently Lola Post; what started as an escape from the computer world blossomed into a full blown career.

“The years I spent helping to construct visual elements for some of TV’s most high profile commercials really helped develop my eye for detail, composition and light, which plays a vital part in my style of wildlife photography.

I believe passionately in the integrity of my photographs. It must be a true representation of what was seen through the lens. This is one of my guiding principles, something which is all too often (deceptively) disregarded within wildlife photography these days.”

“The golden, all important rule is that due care and respect be given to the wildlife at which I aim my camera. Many times the opportunity for a winning picture has presented itself at the potential expense of the wildlife’s trust and sometimes even safety. Not once have I regretted hanging back. Building up trust with your subject is essential to capture its essence in a still. Allowing the animal to establish the boundaries is vital. No picture is worth risking the animal’s welfare”

Richard also supports charities and good causes via may means including talks, picture donations. If you are a charity in need of imagery to get your point across, please get in touch with the details and we will see if we can help.

For commercial, rights managed usage, please use our searchable image library.

richard costin wildlife photography workshops
Wildlife photographer Richard Costin testing the new Nikon AF-S 80-400 lens in Africa

As well as his freelance trips abroad and at home, Richard hosts workshops for budding photographers and wildlife lovers to get out there and experience wildlife for themselves all the while improving their own photography.

His significant experience in post production has also led to a thorough understanding of the digital darkroom and minimises the time he needs to spend at the computer whilst yielding the very best from his camera’s raw files.


To view a ‘best of’ selection from Richard’s portfolio, head over to the photography section to see some gallery highlights.

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